The unit comes with Dell International Warranty. However, coverage differs from country to country. Please consult with Dell support in your country to learn about the warranty details. We don’t have country specific warranty information.

Dell has stopped providing USB drives or DVD media for OS re-installation.  All units come with factory images of the OS stored on local hard drive in case you need to reinstall the OS.

Furthermore, the OS can be downloaded from Dell support site.  In case you need it to be stored somewhere else, you can use an external hard drive, USB, or some other means.

Sorry, we don’t have a store front. No local pickups.

Our price is already the best that we can offer.

We offer one of the most competitive pricing. We maintain a minimum margin in order to bring the best price to our customers like you.  There will be no price reductions for purchase of less than 5 units.

Please note Dell Certified Refurbished computers are not built-to-order. We can only purchase what Dell has in its inventory, so it’s nearly impossible to predict when and how many we can get certain configurations. Therefore, there is no guarantee of a delivery date for items that are not in our inventory.

No carrier works on the weekend.  Your order will be shipped on the next business day.

You might be able to downgrade the Windows OS. You can read more about your downgrade rights here: We do not offer such services. You have to use your own IT to perform this task.

The service tag is a 7 digit number-letter combination, located on the side of the box or the back of the computer.

If you place an order before 10 am EST it will ship out the same business day.  Otherwise, it will be shipped the next business day.  Please note, we do not ship out on the weekends.

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